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By Luthaneal Adams on 25 juli, There is often a great deal of dissension over the issue of Wicca and initiation. So which is it, really?

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Note: This webpage is being filtered out of search engines because it exposes the evils of Wicca Witchcraft! Evil TV series "Charmed". Wicca is the name, and witchcraft is the game--and the Devil is laughing his head off.

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Carte blanche. If I want to marry a horse, I can marry a horse. Dionne, however, remains undeterred.

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So you've been studying Wicca, or some other form of Paganism for a while, and you've finally decided it's time for you to think about joining a coven or group. You've found one that looks like it might be a good fit Well, the short answer is that no, you shouldn't, because not all Wiccans—or other Pagans, for that matter—practice nude. But the longer answer is that some do, some don't.

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Posted by Summer Song Jul 29, Witchcraft 0. For many who are reading this, it is old news because this controversy has been going on for several generations. Probably since Wicca Began in the s.

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Wicca Old English for "male witch"; feminine wiccealso known as the "Old Religion," is a Neopagan religion characterized by secret initiation rituals, reverence for Mother natureand worship of the Goddess. The movement received public attention in when a British civil servant named Gerald Gardner [1] claimed that Wicca had secretly existed for thousands of years, originating in the pre-Christian Paganism of Europe. Various related Wiccan traditions have since evolved from Gardner's time, with their own specific beliefs, rituals, and practices.

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There are countless quirks about humans, but one of the real doozies is that most are confused, divided and downright ditsy when it comes to their own physical nature. To millions, the human body in its natural state is embarrassing, shameful, indecent or undignified. Its exposure provokes hostility, fear, nervous laughter or mockery.

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They used to hang suspected witches in New England but times have changed. Three hundred years after the Salem witch trials, paganism is the fastest growing religion in the US, according to its followers. The rapidly increasing number of pagan websites also indicate that Wicca is a burgeoning movement worldwide.

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Story and photography by Sarine Guerian sarinegulerian. Double, double toil and trouble has always been brewing for those who practice the ancient craft of magic. Less than a century old, it is one of the larger branches on the ancient tree of Pagan faiths.


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