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Right now we need 3 thread only to cover the July fiasco , June trackers and misc. May of you may be familiar with Professor Vivek Wadhwa from his columns in BusinessWeek and his major papers published on skilled worker immigration. Professor Wadhwa kindly agreed to let me publish them on my blog so readers could benefit. Will she have to do her Biometrics when she paper-files or e-files her AP? In addition I am also afraid he might cancel my I with the intimation from my current employer. Now, I was on extension of H1B earlier thru my old company , as my stamped visa expired.

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Mira. Age: 21.
red hair green eyes anime boy

But you can wait what others to say about this.

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Sofia. Age: 24.
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By doing so, the employer agrees to pay the employee a wage equal to or greater than the prevailing wage specified in the LCA. Do i need any other letter from my new employer other than the Offer Letter to send the AC21 letter? Can she travel to India with her old I the one that was stapled on the passport when she entered US the last time and the other I that she has with the visa extension papers??

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