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What depressed her, she said talking about our culture generally, was the relentless association of sex with violence. A few years later Mary Whitehouse launched a doomed, private prosecution — under the Sexual Offences Act — against the National Theatre and its play Romans In Britain, which featured the attempted rape of a hairy male Druid by said Romans. What clothes they wore, the poses and lighting amounted to a genuine celebration of the female form. The rules laid down at the time were that naked women were permitted as long as they resembled antique marble statues. Nudity is often dated back wrongly to the hippy freak-out musical Hair. The lad was perhaps out to dispel the Unshakeably Wholesome Curse of Harry Potter with a raunchy display of his bits.

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Jane. Age: 21.
nude women on stage

I once asked Mrs Whitehouse about the case and she struck me as perfectly sane.

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Meredith. Age: 20.
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There was poor Nicole thinking she was making a huge artistic commitment to the play by baring all. Detectives went to see it three times — just to check and the show was allowed to continue. Courageously she agreed to do it in a tiny London venue where the front row was 12ft from the actors.

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