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beastboy and terra
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As part of the Team Titans , Terra went back in time to the year to stop the birth of Teen Titan Donna Troy 's firstborn son, who would grow up to be the tyrannical Lord Chaos. Teen Titans Teen Titans In this occasion, Atlee expresses no desire to stay in Strata, asking Power Girl to bring her back to the surface world, to which she has grown a liking, as soon as possible. Aside from that the emphasis will be on heroism, true blue hero stuff. When she expresses her fears that she is the original Terra, Geo-Force who discovers that the test results confirm only what was previously known, that she was a genetic match for his sister informs her that she is not his sister and destroys the test results.

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Corinne. Age: 21.
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The character was created with an intended finite life span.

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Chana. Age: 27.
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Terra (comics)

Eventually, Power Girl is able to retrieve Atlee, now trapped in the crippled simian body of the Ultra-Humanite, and bring her back to Strata. Mostly she and Harley watched as Power Girl reluctantly agreed to go on a date with him, got mad, and pummeled him as she has in similar situations in the past. His attempts to erase the universe from existence as part of Hal Jordan 's plan to remake the universe during " Zero Hour " resulted in the erasing of the future that gave birth to the Team Titans. Once free of the Colony, Terra and Beast Boy separated from the rest of their fellow Ravagers, hiding together in a cave.

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