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Meanwhile, Dominican Hyeronimo Savonarola denounces the church hierarchy from a pulpit, and quickly finds himself arrested and burnt at the stake for his trouble. Ever the perfectionist, Borowczyk insisted that real blood be used when the ersatz substitutes just didn't have the right colour and feel. In the process of searching through the room's curious contents, she discovers a book littered with pornographic drawings, at which she is at first shocked and then aroused by, and which she ultimately responds to by masturbating with a cucumber. The film is made up of four stories of unequal length it was originally five, but Borowczyk himself removed one — see the extra features for details that are less about sex than moral corruption, although sex in some form or another figures in all four. Introduction by Borowczyk expert Daniel Bird Instead of the interview you'll find on the other discs in Arrow's Borowczyk collection, this is effectively a trailer for the film comprised of extracts interspersed with informative captions.

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When Alexander delights his offspring with explicit drawings of a randy horse, Giovanni is deeply shocked, and shortly after is removed from the room by guards so that Lucrecia, Cesare and Alexander can sexually satisfy each other.

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See all of Slarek's reviews. Discussion on the whole subject of erotica is tricky, fraught as it is with opposing viewpoints and artistic loyalties and the always bumpy subject of the portrayal of sex on screen in general. We live now in inescapably pornographic times, to the point where there seem to be precious few words that you can type into a search engine that will include at least one nude or even hardcore picture in the results. It's not something serious filmmakers would sully their lenses on.

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