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As long as there's pop culture, someone will want to have sex with that pop culture. In the s, the video camera suddenly allowed pornography producers the ultimate freedom to mass-produce product, and some of that product had to have a hook. A simple one?

Ever wonder what happens in the Huxtable household after dark, when Clair finally gets Heathcliff's sweater off? Or what the immortal classic Casablanca would look like if reimagined as a gay hard-core flick? If you've had filthy thoughts about the cast members of any of your favorite movies or TV shows, chances are there's a porn parody out there that makes those filthy dreams come true.

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The practice of having a porn name has obviously been around as long as the practice of pornography has been, but it did not become an average household joke mainly among juveniles until recent decades. Linda Lovelace is believed to be the first household porn name, being the character and stage name of actress Linda Boreman, who starred in the famous pornographic film Deep Throata film that achieved so much commercial success it was screened in theaters and even reviewed by Roger Ebert in The use of alliteration has become one of many staples of a successful porn name, as demonstrated by others like Samantha Saint, Mia Malkova, and August Ames.

Thanks for connecting! You're almost done. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. The adult entertainment industry is renowned for its ability to churn out an incredible volume of movies each year.

Porn spoofs of science fiction, fantasy and superheroes have saved the adult movie industry from financial ruin in recent years. But they've been around for as long as X-rated movies have existed. Note: Because this list was too long, and was in danger of crashing everyone's browser, I put the superhero, Star Wars and Star Trek spoofs on a separate page.

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The odds are you have a Netflix account and you watch it a lot. You definitely are not the only one. According to CNNover 50 million people in 40 different countries worldwide love to do the exact same thing.

It takes a lot to stand out from the pack, which is where the sacred art of porn parody comes into play. Liked these puns? Not going to lie, we're pretty curious what they did with the plastic bag scene.

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In the digital age, there really is no need to get creative with your porn. All people really want is to watch naked people mess around, rendering cheesy plots and even cheesier titles useless. Every one of your faves—from Harry Potter to Legally Blonde —have a porn equivalent! Emphasis on the sex.

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Movies can take us into insane new worlds beyond our wildest imaginations. Sometimes, audiences are shown a completely different perspective altogether, and occasionally, the new world shown on-screen is a sexy one. There are plenty of "regular" movies so graphic they are essentially pornmany of which can be pretty cool — while others might be a little off-putting to some audiences.

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