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So for years it's been assumed that beer cocktails are illegal in the Old Dominion. If they do, they may become one of the few American liquor laws struck down by courts. Utah's absurd "Zion Curtain" requires that bartenders mix drinks out of view of consumers, who would presumably find the sight of a deftly stirred Manhattan impossible to resist. In Ohio, grocery stores can sell "diluted spirits" that have had their proof lowered to below 21 percent alcohol by volume. The revised law created an exception only for sangria, however—legalizing champagne cocktails or "newly fashionable beer cocktails," as the Washington Post put it, was a step too far for the conservative state legislature.

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The city's overzealous commission has ordered the company to stop selling dolls some said were racial caricatures.

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Only Washington has managed recently to shake off its state control system, but packaged it with a substantial tax hike that is arguably even more burdensome on consumers. Gil Cedillo, city councilmember, has introduced a motion asking the city to study its options for seizing the unit Hillside Villa. Growlers, reusable containers that consumers can have filled with wine or beer directly from the tap, are now widely legal. One interesting development is the passage of laws encouraging craft distillation with local ingredients.

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