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He helped Kaz ace his pop quiz, but because Kaz became smart, it was one of the requirements to open a portal where Crimson Demon's brothers Blue Demon, White Demon, and Matt Demon, were which almost ended the world. He keeps a trophy of the superpowers and weapons he steals from defeated superheroes. He appeared shortly after Kaz dumped Spark. Spark Gianna LePera is a teenage superhero whose mother got hit with gamma rays while orbiting around Mars, causing Spark to be born with superhuman physical attributes, flight, electrokinesis, and limited gravity manipulation. Horace and the doctors work to keep Skylar from dying. He appeared in "I, Normo" where he had amnesia courtesy of the Black Falcon. Skylar Storm" when fighting Megahertz in Mighty Med.

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Brenna. Age: 22.
girl from mighty med

Bridget then begins to go on a rampage.

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Edith. Age: 31.
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Mighty Med

While Arachnia was in the hospital, Oliver had to safeguard her embryonic sac in and give birth to her children while evading Hunter Bounty. Alley Cat Alina Andrei is a cat -themed superhero. Jade Debby Ryan was once an average, self-centered rock star who first appeared in "Guitar Superhero".

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