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Technically if there is nudity there will be a split on your screen However, if it's done tastefully and the game isn't set up to make a big deal of it close ups on naked zombies, comments by the character about them then I think nudity is fine. They're on a lush jungle filled island But as I said in my first post here Dead Island does not seem to have any just bikinis etc so TC dont need to worry. In Resident evil Remake I think it was or maybe Code veronica one can see a dead nude women in a body bag not really detailed bu still. This is one game where nudity does make sense.

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User Info: veryhappyman veryhappyman 8 years ago 19 there will be bikini wearing zombies and at most they might have topless zombies but i doubt there will be fully naked zombies.

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Side Quest 12 Answers Where is the jungle? Hate games that show a leangthy sex scene but the female actor keeps her bra on i know i would have kicked the girl out of my bedroom if she didnt even remove her bra for the sexact. Boards Dead Island Any nudity or split screen?

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