Volunteer projects for teens

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Summer volunteer programs for high school students abroad span the gamut. Teens can work with large nonprofits, in community development projects lead by small enterprises, on farms, in the water. But why should you let your baby boy or girl run off on teenage volunteer summer programs—especially abroad?

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Volunteering abroad and high school exchanges are an excellent way for teens and high school students under age 18 to learn about other cultures, build new interests, and of course—do some good. We'll use Hailey's experience volunteering abroad to learn about the process of finding a teen travel program, the importance of safety for teens volunteering overseas, and recommendations for specific under age 18 volunteer programs, including service trips to Cuba, which are becoming extremely popular now. Safety is naturally a big concern for parents who are thinking about letting their teens volunteer abroad and finding a program that caters to teens and has robust volunteer safety practices in place is critical in researching programs.

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Teenage community service is more than something that your mom insists will look good on your high school resume. But where to start? There are always easy entry points, like the service clubs at your high school or religious organization, but beyond that, the options can get overwhelming.

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Benefits of volunteering Volunteer ideas Location and time commitment How to find volunteer work Keeping a record Putting volunteer experience on your CV What volunteers think of their experiences. Is volunteering work experience? Yes, it definitely counts.

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This year, thousands of teenage volunteers will pack their bags, say goodbye to their folks, hop on a plane, and enter the world of volunteering abroad. Sounds easy enough, right? Not quite — but it can be!

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One way to make sure you have a successful year is by planning to give back. There are so many ways for teens to get involved in their community all year long. They care about environmental causesanimal rescues, and more.

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This website uses cookies for an improved user experience. By continuing to browse you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Under 18 but still want to volunteer abroad?

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Lots of your peers may be engaged in volunteer work. Hey, it makes you feel good and looks great on a college or job app. You might even introduce yourself to someone you may not recognize — yourself, after you see what the world has to offer.

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Volunteer service helps teens build character, develop empathy, learn healthy habits and develop new skills that will empower them to thrive in adulthood. Yet many teens face barriers to getting started. Some may be shy to seek out opportunities or to interact with strangers. They may lack access to transportation or not feel qualified for certain roles.


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