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Share your story. Man How old are you? Northern California Highest education received: College degree eg.

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Golden showers, water sports, or piss play, whatever you call it, urophilia has recently had a resurgence in mainstream interest, following some unsavoury and as yet unproven leaks about a pre-White House Donald Trump. As a kink or fetish, getting sexually excited by urine or the thought of urine is still taboo, even in a world where suburban housewives read 50 Shades of Grey on the subway. So why are most people still so uncomfortable with urine play?

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When your bladder interrupts your life by making you pee all the time, it can feel like a special kind of betrayal. Spending all that time on the toilet is frustrating, and it might also raise some red flags about your health. Your water needs are pretty individualso you might need more or less than others depending on your size, body type, and activity level.

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Hot breath hit my ear over the throb of the techno music, piercing through my ecstasy induced fuzziness. I felt long hair sway against my arm and a hand gently pull me closer. I gulped, swaying in surprise, and took a closer look at the girl propositioning me.

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If you thought Bohemian Rhapsody was wild, then you need to check out The Dirtthe latest rock band biopic that just premiered on Netflix. The book which is supposedly all true, as unbelievable as it seems boasts some of the grittiest and most disturbing tales of drugs, alcohol, and groupies that you could imagine — for instance, Vince Neil really did crash his carand believe it or not, Nikki Sixx's overdose was even worse than the movie portrays. But here's one thing that people seriously can't believe is true: did Ozzy Osbourne really drink Nikki Sixx's urine?

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My biggest regret: that I spent all of pacing around, stressed out of my mind, stressed over every trade, over every little downtick or uptick in my bank account, over whether or not I was going to be able to sell my Ground Zero-based apartment, over whether or not I was going to go dead broke with one kid in the family and another on the way. I'll never have that year back. I slept in a bedroom by myself so it would be easy for me to wake up and pace in the middle of the night or wander around outside.

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A woman who has been drinking her own pee and rubbing it on her face for over a decade claims it improves her skin and overall health. Ruby Karyo, 30, has been gulping down her morning urine and spritzing it on her face since she was 19 years old. Watch the video above: Meet the group who drinks urine for 'health benefits'.

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A WOMAN who has been drinking her own pee and rubbing it on her face for over a decade claims it improves her skin and overall health. Ruby Karyo says she started gulping down her morning urine and spritzing it on her face - known as "urine therapy" - when she was The mum-of-one said she pees into a travel spray bottle and then sprays it into her hands before running it onto her face. When I wake up I rub my morning pee onto my face and use it like a moisturiser, you can leave it on for a couple of hours, or leave it on all day.

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Alcohol is a diuretic. Drinking it can make you pee more than if you had the same amount of water. Read on to find out the science behind why alcohol makes you pee — and what, if anything, you can do to keep from having to constantly go to the bathroom.

Can you get undressed slower, so I can enjoy it? He tears off his clothes without protest and leaps into the shower. He lies down on the shower floor and I step in and position myself above him. I produce a steady stream of pee that continues for at least ten seconds I really had to goand also consists of no less then two farts that accidentally eek out.


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