Mature fine tailings

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The accumulation of mature fine tailings MFT in tailings ponds has been a concern of the oil sands industry and regulators for decades. Previous studies and current practices for fine tailings consolidation focus on the addition of inorganic and organic additives to reduce MFT production and accumulation. These treatment processes are were not sufficiently efficient in reduction of fluid tailings accumulation.

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Working context Oil Sand - Tailing pond dredging - The standard industry practice is to pump oil sands tailings into large settling ponds. There, the heaviest material settles to the bottom, separating from the top layer of water which can be recycled. The problem Oil sands tailings are a mixture of water, clay, sand and residual hydrocarbons produced during the mine extraction process.

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Tailings are the mixture of clay, silt, sand, residual bitumen and water that remain after bitumen is extracted from the sand at oil sands mines. This watery waste stream is transported by pipeline and deposited in ponds where the majority of the solids — mostly sand — settle to the bottom. The remaining fluid — mostly clay, silt and water — flow to the middle of the pond and separate into a water cap on the top of the pond and a mature fine tailings MFT at the bottom of the pond.

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Processing oil sands to extract bitumen produces large volumes of a tailings slurry comprising water, silt, clays, unrecovered bitumen, and residual solvent used in the extraction process. Tailings are deposited into large settling basins, where the solids settle by gravity to become denser mature fine tailings MFT. To better understand the biogenesis of this greenhouse gas, the methanogenic consortia in MFT samples from depth profiles in 2 tailings deposits Mildred Lake Settling Basin and West In-Pit were analyzed by constructing clone libraries of amplified archaeal and bacterial 16S rRNA genes. Thus, MFT harbour a diverse community of prokaryotes presumptively responsible for producing methane from substrates indigenous to the MFT.

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PDF version1. Like other surface mining operations worldwide, oil sands mining operations generate leftover material tailings after the bitumen is extracted. The in-situ method of accessing oil sands resources does not produce tailings.

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Enhanced settling of mature fine tailings MFT by paramagnetic nanofluids based on nanoiron. Within these ponds, while fast settling sand particles segregate from the slurry in relatively short time, the fines fraction accumulates in the center of the pond and then settles, becoming mature fine tailings MFT. By there were about million cubic meters of MFT within the tailing ponds.

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Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 91 8. ISSN In bitumen recovery from oil sands, a percentage of the bitumen is lost to tailings.

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Tailings ponds are massive earth structures used to store coarse and fine solids contained in the oil sands deposit and recover water back to the main processing plant. These ponds are temporary storage facilities and need to be reclaimed when no longer in use. Fine solids from tailings streams tend to trap large volumes of water, making pond reclamation challenging at best.


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