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They enrich the soul, delight the heart. And they both take practice. This week I learned about solarization or the Sabatier Effect which reverses the tones in an image.

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I was not sure if to upload those lingerie shots In the divine Tanya Dawn's Beauty Parlour, check out her photo stream for more pics of us girls, being girly. Is it obvious from these pics that I'm Scottish?

My husband suggested that it would be a good idea if I posed for some new close-up portraits, now that I am a married woman and a Duchess to boot! I always enjoy modeling, so I was only to happy to say "yes"! So here is the first of this new series of close-ups. Was digging through my closet and found this old dress hidden away.

Lots more photos on my website! This was when my makeup artist friend gave me a makeover sometime ago, check out his site www. With Special thanks to JJ www.

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Video: www. Enjoy the slideshow: www. A bit of an experiment here and I must say I was influenced by Kay who experiments with different angles and views.

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I'm a little unsure about posting such a close-up picture, but I nailed my foundation for this shoot, so I'll throw caution to the wind. This is blown-up to the max so it's not pin-sharp but on the plus side that means it's more forgiving on my wrinkles. I wish I'd thought to re-apply my lipgloss before I took it though: an oversight due to tiredness. The perils of late-night photoshoots

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Thank you to ArtWorkForYou for this lovely manipulation another of my recently posted photos. Original at www. I was born a city girl, but tonight, feeling the urban pulse and throb like the music of the jungle, I snake my way down Broadway using my body in a swaying slinky swing, daring to be noticed, a thousand eyes caressing my body with every step I take.


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