Flat bottom airfoils

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Clark Y is the name of a particular aerofoil profile, widely used in general purpose aircraft designs, and much studied in aerodynamics over the years. The profile was designed in by Virginius E. The airfoil has a thickness of

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Most airfoils, however, will scale down comparatively. What this really means is that in comparison, if one airfoil is tested to stall sooner than another airfoil, then the stall speeds may be much different when scaled down but both airfoils should still stall in the same order. Most modelers have to learn from experience, knowing that the subtleties between one airfoil and another close to the same shape will make very small differences.

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HLGs are simple flying machines; it's the flying indoor and the digital stopwatch that complicates things. Those factors separate the theorist from the flyers. I have spent 50 years in the real world of the Hand Launch Glider.

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Lift and weight are two of the four forces acting on an airplane, the other two are drag and thrust see Figure 1. The airplane generates lift using its wings. The cross-sectional shape of the wing is called an airfoil. A typical airfoil and its properties are shown in Figure 2, and are also described below.

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Contents Contents The Geometry Card The Panel Method

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Airfoils come in several flavors. The most commonly used airfoils for flying model aircraft are:. Each family encompasses a large selection of airfoils but we use very few of them due to habit or not having a clue about how to properly select a real airfoil.

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An airfoil American English or aerofoil British English is the cross-sectional shape of a wingblade of a propellerrotoror turbineor sail as seen in cross-section. An airfoil-shaped body moving through a fluid produces an aerodynamic force. The component of this force perpendicular to the direction of motion is called lift.

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I built a model airplane which is rubber band powered. At first I built the wing of the shape of an airfoil and I can assure you that the shape was perfect. When I tested the plane, it just kept on going and going straight with very high speed but never took off. I guessed that the weight was more.

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Flow past an airfoil. Photo Credit: av8n. Hope you all enjoyed the past year and are looking forward to some new and beautiful things to come in !

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In this research, viscous, laminar and steady flow around symmetric and non-symmetric airfoils is simulated at Low Reynolds Number LRN. The main objective of this paper is the introduction of the thermal camber phenomenon. This phenomenon is used to improve the aerodynamic performance.


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