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There wouldn't be a community without the internet. The one thing this group had was someone who was a really good organizer. Have you noticed any attitude shifts about zoophilia since the media first covered Mr. If you have a moral problem with horse fucking, you might not find this to be a cool way to look at things, but I think the truth is that they lost a lot: stability, a weekend vacation getaway place, something to look forward to. They wanted the studs and the bulls. You had to go to the internet. It's a quiet, rural suburb with a view of the mountains.

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Hands's actual death, and the community and culture of zoos he was involved with at the time.

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They loved [ Zoo director] Robinson Devor and thought he was a real ally. Did they pick specific horses from the farm, or were they down to be fucked by any horse? Tait really went out of his way to cultivate the community.

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