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spanked husband
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Starting at a medium pace I began whacking his now sore red bum, smacking him harder and faster until I could see his ass start to bruise, then I ordered him to get up and stand in the corner for a while. Do you find your husbands behaviour and attitude are inappropriate and unacceptable? I did however find some time to give my husband a spanking even though it may have been a week late, I tried to make up for it. I made him bend over a little so that his bum would stick out a little more, then I began whacking him with the naughty stick with a methodical pace. The spanking continued with a fast paced whacking making his pale ass turn bright pink, he kept squirming so I locked my leg around his not letting him move. I started spanking his bare bottom with hard slow smacks for a few minutes. After returning with it, he was back over my lap for the rest of his spanking.

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Sariyah. Age: 27.
spanked husband

Are you willing to learn a more hands on direct approach to end his childish ways?

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Bonnie. Age: 27.
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My husband wants me to spank him

As soon as it ended I had him go and spend some time in the corner after that he was commanded to satisfy my needs… Click here to purchase the clip. Do you find your husband only adds to your stress? We hope you enjoy the website Please feel free to contact us with your comments or questions. I started spanking his bare bottom with hard slow smacks for a few minutes.

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