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And on December 17, the ban took full effect, with any flagged posts being hidden, and a special effort placed on finding new infringing content as it went up. Events Innovation Festival The Grill. Yet, nearly two months after the ban went into effect, Tumblr is still flooded with NSFW content—from female nipples to male and female genitalia to every conceivable sex act. Reposting content from other sites, such as an explicit GIF, was not flagged. Tumblr is a community for creativity and free expression, but never at the expense of respect for and safety of our users.

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But there is a shortage of it, given the huge volume of inappropriate, violent, and pornographic content that is uploaded daily around the world.

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Work Life Work Life How to make better decisions, according to science Work Life Bringing your whole self to work is a bad idea Work Life 5 books to read to be your best self in When violative content is reported to us, we take action consistent with our policies, including content removal and account suspension. Some results were especially outrageous, like many GIFs of a women lifting up her shirt.

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