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It would be fun to play a darker role. One thing I remember, which she'll still say because we still talk a lot, was [something] Annette Bening [said]. It's weird because I don't think my friends look at me as an actress. And I love that they forget. I'm really into all the details and I feel like the details in that movie are so cool. When I go do movies, it's only for a couple months, and then you come back and you're just at home. For Fanning, the snarky Winnie actually foreshadows her desire to break out of sunny, carefree character see: Maleficent , We Bought a Zoo , Somewhere she's used to playing.

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Me and [the director] Jake Paltrow met when I was very young, maybe

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Dakota Fanning Nude Scene: 18-Year-Old Talks About 'Sensitive' And 'Uncomfortable' Role In New Film

She said, 'Make sure you take time and you don't work too much and you still go to your prom. Is there one person in specific who has given you the best piece of advice? Emily Zemler Emily Zemler is a freelance writer based in London.

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