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To fingerprint a video, victims have to email Vobile, the company Pornhub contracts, to provide the service. Cara Van Dorn, an associate at Sanford Heisler Sharp, one of the firms representing the women, told Motherboard she is in direct contact with Mindgeek for this process. Even today, hundreds of Girls Do Porn videos are easy to find, especially on Pornhub, which claims to get billion video views a year and more than million daily visits. Searching for phrases related to Girls Do Porn easily surfaces those videos. One of these search terms returned videos featuring Girls Do Porn content.

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Claire. Age: 20.
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For almost all of these women, the only porn video of them that exists online is the one they shot for Girls Do Porn.

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Alison. Age: 23.
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Pornhub Doesn't Care

If you see any content from [Girls Do Porn], please let us know so we can remove [it]. But Van Dorn also noted that Mindgeek has known about the accusations against Girls Do Porn since long before the civil trial. Some shot multiple videos with Girls Do Porn, and a handful went on to make adult movies elsewhere, but most of the women who suffered from the spread of the videos are trying to remove a single video which is copied and remixed endlessly. She found out that her name and personal information were connected to her video and posted on numerous forums, along with links to her Facebook profile.

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