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This blog is more of a heads up rather than a full legal treatise. It is a straightforward procedure if the victim and defendant are related by blood, adoption, marriage, domestic partnership, have a child in common, share or have shared the same home, or have previously had a dating relationship. This isn't so much a case about winning. I recently defended a violation of probation case for drunk driving. Recently I was at a DNA seminar and there was a point well made. My client was on probation in the District Court of Maryland.

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Unfortunately he needed to go out for a little while to run an errand.

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As part of the probation my client was ordered to enroll in the ignition interlock program. He was in Washington DC heading straight on one of the avenues. If you have been injured in an accident which is the fault of another and you have health insurance benefits you should be aware that the legal landscape has been changing in favor of the health insurance companies.

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