Yuno yukiteru

yuno yukiteru
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Minene screams down the phone and officially ends their alliance. Yuno intends to keep her promise to Yuki to go stargazing with him. He is well aware of and fears Yuno's insanity regarding him, but has a strong desire to keep her sane, often forgiving her for her mistakes and keeping her from murdering others. Yuno figured when Rea and Reisuke went shopping, Reisuke posted his diary to the house. Yukiteru accuses Yuno of reading his diary, but Yuno leaps up and reminds Yukiteru of how they first met. In the Cathedral of Causality, Deus gleefully declares that he was right to choose Yukiteru as a participant as all of the other Future Diaries change in response to the drastic shift in the timeline. Yuki embraces his friendship with Akise who invites him to go see a movie together.

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yuno yukiteru

Yuno then expresses her desire to protect Yukiteru, which only served to disturb him.

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Yukiteru Amano

His love for her pushes him to save her Third World self to ensure she had a good future and allows him to escape her illusion orb. Unlucky for her, Yuki kept on yelling that she will betray her until Kurusu threatens to kill her. Shortly after, Kurusu proposes an alliance to Yukiteru and Yuno to find and stop the other diary owners.

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