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They pissed me off when they started blaming Colby for the nock and then they right after Sam brought out the ouija board and then they blame them again and this is some creepy shit bc I think the spirits make you believe the people your with do it bc they feed off negativity on other people so when you do this please be careful and realize when you fight your giving the spirits what they want samandcolby Hey i'm from newfoundland! I was going to get a lightsaberNever mind At at the very first time in the history of pewdiepie, ladies and gentlemen We got his legs on camera Who needs Filthy Frank lore when you have Pewdiepie lore? Needed some plates and pans in the dishwasher.

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This kinda seems fake Not just the noise but like the way they were acting seemed fake Hey! And the next espisode???!!! We can't wait dude!

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Mary ham's just doing her job guys! Vintage style crib Sexy skinny dipping girls speed dating ludlow. From Colombia.

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Well done that was really good! Huge congrats to you and your team, so much hard work has really paid off here Looking forward to the next installment You look just like your dad! Too Faced was the best match in my opinion, other ones always look either too pale or too yellow! Please, What's The name of The piano piano song?

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Shes a liar i live in canada and i take nte? The question is Am I gonna be able to Sleep until the day I can purchase?? Is this the new show?

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Stop these lies and bullshit about meat and eggs being "bad" Its fucking bullshit based on bad science Anybody peep he got that gold scar at Really!! Hippy tgp Why did i hear a fly? Swingers convention vegas.

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Epic on a epic level! Great Vid! There is bad things happening in the world and we care about 20 minutes of a dress change???

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Fenty for sure, it was the best one out of all I also liked morphe, but for sure fenty for you Penis size what is normal 1 Fenty2 Makeup Forever3Too Faced4 Dior5 Morphe6 Milk Makeup Dude wtf is with this shit just stop u used to makr good content wtf is this just stop Tila tquilla naked. Vintage fashion during the gilded age Phylis Stokes made choc chip cookies before bed last night and she slept like a baby for the first time since she got sick, Said her cardiologist said we need some sugar in our bodies lol So she said she was going to eat cookies again tonight and then she'll know if that's why she felt like so good and slept so well! No one will be artist then xxxtentacion : RIP X. Daniel is actually helping them his YouTube is exposing project zorgo bes a good guy I feel bad!

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I love the artistic aspect you took on this pallet! To me, this pallets makes it more unique and diverse for everyone! I love everything about this!

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Me: " omg this is Good! Each one of those sprinkles need to subscribe to pewdiepie! Rebecca I would like to win one of your merch!


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