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Originally posted by recsbylotte. Masterlist is in my Bio Summary - Tormund has returned, but you are not the same woman he captured. His stubble pricks at the tips of your fingers and a little through your bandaged hands. The first thing Runaan sees when he gets out of the coin is Ethari: crying, smiling, beautiful, sweeping him up into his arms. You flexed your muscles as you looked at the two of them, trying to decide which one you should wear. Yes, ever since you and Hawks started dating a good year ago, things had been far from perfect, but you were happy. His hips stutter with wild jerks, lurching your bed and its frame into the wall.

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Wren. Age: 24.
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Gently you leaned your forehead against his and close your eyes to savor what you missed for the last weeks.

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Ivy. Age: 27.
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Once there, Hawks flocked over you like he used to, but instead of love and fondness smoothing his expression, stress and apprehension furrowed his brow. Get them feelings out of there. Finally, after minutes of silence, you mustered the words.

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