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You're not a mind reader and if she wants to play consent games she needs to learn how to have that conversation ahead of time or she's just training rapists. Pennyworth on November 02, , am. Be clear about the things you want. Nothing could be further from the truth. If I'm really good this time they'll let me reincarnate as one of those sewage eating microbes instead! Girl wants you to wheedle her into having sex?

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Don't put your dick in anyone who refuses to admit they want to fuck.

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Reminder: Your Vagina Is Not A Ziploc Bag

Bound and gagged in your basement and you have no idea how they got there? Like a dick sandwich on trust bread. Then it's like awww yeeaaah. You don't have to be in a long term relationship or even be in love or any of that shit to be able to negotiate like grownups.

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