Students demand condoms

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Latex condoms for men have been documented to offer high efficacy as both a contraceptive and protection against sexually transmitted diseases. This equally establishes the importance of continued research on female condoms. This study aims to investigate the perceived confidence to use the female condoms amongst undergraduate female students from selected tertiary institutions from Ibadan Southwestern Nigeria.

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To interim president Lynne Babingtonshe handed a petition with about signatures asking the Jesuit university to offer more access to contraceptives and other sexual health services. So were we. Conversations about safe sex, Planned Parenthood and abortion rights have been mounting over the past few years on the Fairfield campus, a year-old Jesuit school that deeply values its Catholic mission.

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A searchable database of the laws, people, organizations, and litigation involved in sexual and reproductive health and justice in the United States. Everyone deserves and has a right to sexual and reproductive health care. Kratz is one of 1, college students participating in the Great American Condom Campaign GACCan Advocates for Youth project providing each student with a box of condoms to hand out in their community during a semester.

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Learn about us. Marie Fazio Thursday, January 31, Junior Vanessa Turner, an I4RH member, said the club was formed in January of last year in order to promote safety and sexual health. I4RH has done condom distributions in the past outside of DeBartolo Hall, Turner said, but sought a more logistically feasible method.

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Your sexual health is important. Use the information on this page to get informed and learn about campus resources that can help. There are many options when it comes to contraceptives and birth control.

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Since administrators decided against installing condom machines in University of South Carolina residence halls, students will have to go a little further for safety when they want to go all the way. The Residence Hall Association, representing student residents, took an opinion poll that found most USC students wanted condom machines installed in dorms. The school is reluctant to install these machines because the administration fears it will hurt its public image, said Assistant Director of Student Learning Sean McGreevey.

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Part two examined discourse about abortion rights and sexual health at Fairfield and Sacred Heart universities. Part three looked at how Catholic universities address sexual health and wellness services. The school year ended in May, but students plan to continue calling on school leadership to offer more comprehensive sexual health resources at the Jesuit school.

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The first day condoms were made available at Walton High School in the Bronx, a line of 30 students stretched outside Alan Ettman's door, like Russians waiting for sugar and eggs. Now, says Mr. Ettman, an English teacher, the lines are gone, and many of the faces he sees in his office are familiar, students who regularly use condoms and appreciate the chance to get them free. After two months, New York City's bold experiment in condom distribution -- the first such large-scale effort in the nation -- is operating in 16 of the city's schools, though the number of students asking for condoms appears modest, teachers, administrators and students say.

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But one item is silently missing from marketplace shelves: condoms. Although, students can access condoms at ASU Health Services buildings, the service is only open from 8 a. Outside of those hours, the lack of availability of those contraceptives may pose other issues.

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Students are demanding that colleges provide tampons and other menstruation products at no cost, and some institutions are starting to listen. Student activists at the University of Arizona issued a list of demands on Tuesday that included urging the university to provide free tampons and menstrual pads on campus. Last week, Columbia University announced that it would begin providing free tampons in its health center after spring break. In an email to students, Ben Makansi, president of the Columbia College Student Council, said the decision followed weeks of conversations with students and campus officials, and that the products may eventually be provided in restrooms, as well.


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