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Much like how we previously offered a query letter critiquethis time cofounders Tricia Lynne and Maxym M. For this sex scene critique, a member of the Facebook ATK community was randomly selected via contest, allowing us to post their words and once again demonstrate the subjectivity of the writing community—sex scene style. So there you have it, a bonafide sex scene critique from two of our very own!

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A movie doesn't always need a full-on sex scene to be hot as hell — sometimes, all it takes is a good make-out. From Spider-Man to The Notebookhere are 30 of the sexiest kisses in movie history. Rent or Buy It Here.

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A secret White House control room full of computers? A dedicated bone-zone. The Oval Office?

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Putting the lovins on the page is my jam, yet, like most of us, I was a little squeamish about writing sex scenes in the beginning—I was concerned about what it conveyed about me as the writer. However, the more I wrote, I realized I had to put my concerns for myself aside, because the scenes were about my characters. Each love scene should serve a purpose.

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Let's be honest: The best part about Outlander is the sex. The love scenes on this hit Starz series are some of the best on TV, and there are several reasons. For one, there's the way in which these scenes are framed: They're completely dictated by Caitriona Balfe's character, Claire.

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By Farrah Weinstein. Am I curious? How open-minded am I?

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Before Fifty Shades of Grey hit the shelves, there were plenty of books that featured raw and intense portrayals of sex. I think many people often scoff at the idea that the human experience, intimacy included, can be effectively and beautifully portrayed on paper, but they are certainly missing out. Since sex is so openly portrayed on screen e.

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It was January ofin the thick of the MeToo movement; the series was set to return in a month, including Franco playing a pair of twins. Meade asked HBO to hire a crew member whose job, specifically, would be to oversee the planning, preparation, and performance of sex scenes, much like a stunt coordinator. Her request had a ripple effect: Soon after The Deuce brought in intimacy coordinator Alicia Rodis, HBO implemented a policy that would require an intimacy coordinator on all programming that features adult content.

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For anyone who isn't familiar with the hit teen drama Pretty Little Liarsdo yourself a favor and binge-watch it with haste, because the tea is hot. Sex, betrayal, and the most intense high-school drama mystery — what's not to love? At face value, the hottest Pretty Little Liars sex scenes might seem reminiscent of any other teenage drama's, but the underlying tension of the plot paired with the outlandish elements of the storyline come together to create a fan-fictionesque look at high-schoolers who are almost always up to no good. Let's be real, when it comes to TV shows that fall under the category of "guilty pleasure", few things are as rewarding as on-screen hookup scenes that are both shocking and hot.


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