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Pantyhose are made of delicate nylon fabric that covers you from the toes to the waist, helping to even skin tone and reduce friction. They're notorious for ripping and running when you try to handle them, but once you successfully get them on, they can make your outfit look polished and sleek. Using the proper technique to put on pantyhose will extend the life of your hosiery and ensure a smooth, comfortable fit.

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And while they may seem like a garment entirely gone, don't toss those tights just yet a single pair can take years to decompose in landfills. To help give your gently used pantyhose another lifesee if your local thrift shops or secondhand stores will accept them some have restrictions on certain textiles or clothing conditions. Many stores also have textile recycling programs for donations they aren't able to resell.

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Tights are magic as the weather gets cooler. They keep us warm, look cute and give a second life to our spring and summer outfits. The only problem?

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The things your mom used to bring home in weird egg-shaped packaging. Social media exploded with photos questioning her bold nude leg choice. Fast forward through a few more shows and nude pantyhose became a recurring theme.

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Pantyhose get such a bad rap. They are often considered the type of old-fashioned hosiery reserved for grannies. They are also known for their flimsy construction — rips, snags, tears, and runs are common.

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All rights reserved. Follow topics like career advice, lifestyle or health. I wear dresses and skirts every day, including weekends.

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Pantyhose are a form of sheer women's hosiery that extend from the waist to the toes. The terms hosiery and stocking derive from the Anglo-Saxon words hosa, meaning "tight-legged trouser," and stoka, meaning "stump" When the upper part of a trouser leg was cut off, the remaining stoka became "stocking," and hosa became "hosiery. However, after World War II, fashion designers began to attach panties to stockings, creating the form of hosiery currently favored by most women. Although their most basic purpose is to protect and beautify the feet and legs of female consumers, nylons are also put to other uses, including supporting the legs of football players and protecting crops from dust storms.

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Pantyhose can take a big bite out of your budget if you need to wear them every day. They never seem to last very long whether you buy the cheapest or the most expensive brands. Keep your toenails and fingernails neatly trimmed and filed to reduce the chance of snagging the hose.

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Pantyhosecalled sheer tights in the United Kingdom and a few other countries, are close-fitting legwear covering the wearer's body from the waist to the toes. Like stockings or knee highspantyhose are usually made of nylonor of other fibers blended with nylon. Pantyhose are designed to:. Besides being worn as fashion, in Western society pantyhose are sometimes worn by women as part of formal dress.


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