Fertility and breast cancer

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Many women are able to become pregnant after treatment for breast cancer. However, some treatments can make it harder to get pregnant. If you think you may want to have children one day, or just want to keep your options open, the best time to talk to your doctor about fertility is before you begin breast cancer treatment.

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Breast cancer is rare in young women. Fewer than 5 percent of all breast cancers diagnosed in the U. A breast cancer diagnosis is very shocking for young women.

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Most doctors define infertility as not being able to become pregnant after 1 year of trying or not being able to maintain a pregnancy. At some point in their lives, most people think about having children. While not everyone decides to have kids, most people want the option. Some treatments for breast cancer can cause temporary infertility or make it harder for you to get pregnant after treatment ends.

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Discuss the incidence of ovarian failure after chemotherapy and list the chemotherapeutic agents most likely to cause loss of fertility in breast cancer patients. Breast cancer accounts for one third of all neoplasms seen in reproductive-age women and affects tens of thousands of women each year in that age group. The adjuvant chemotherapy regimens used for the treatment commonly affect fertility and cause premature ovarian failure.

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Will breast cancer treatment affect my fertility? Referral to a fertility clinic 3. Fertility in women 4.

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OncologyPRO, in partnership with medwireNews, brings you updates each day in the field of medical oncology. Watch leading oncology experts sharing knowledge in ESMO educational videos or reporting on recent study results presentation. Haven't had much time lately?

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Pink ribbons are everywhere as we mark another Breast Cancer Awareness month. In addition to campaigns around awareness, new campaigns in the oncology and survivor communities are focused on treating the whole person instead of just the disease, mitigating side effects with balancing long term survival. One of the biggest issues that young women diagnosed with breast cancer face is infertility. For years, medical oncology's main goal in breast cancer treatment was to eradicate the disease from the body through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and endocrine therapy.

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Some women can get pregnant naturally after their cancer treatment. Your diagnosis might mean you have to think about your fertility earlier than you had planned. And having treatment that affects whether you can have children can be very difficult to cope with.

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Many premenopausal women who undergo chemotherapy will experience chemotherapy-induced amenorrhea the absence of your menstrual periodpremature menopause or infertility. Most premenopausal women will stop menstruating at least temporarily during or following chemotherapy. Issues to consider for women of various ages under 35, over 35 and menopausal women who are undergoing adjuvant chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer-and what they need to consider regarding the impact of the treatment on fertility and family planning. Because of potential harmful effects in the fetus, you will need to be very careful not to become pregnant while on tamoxifen.


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