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When Keira Knightley's husband James Righton was photographed with her at the Paris Opera Ballet Gala it confirmed long-standing fears about the ever-turning wheel of fashion. Yes, the medallion is back. The man jewellery and chest hair combo so beloved by the likes of Tom Jones and Tom Selleck now seems to have been taken up with enthusiasm by a younger generation.

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When selecting a mate, I tend to follow evolutionary guidelines and go for the guy who looks like he could survive the next Ice Age -- which basically means the hairier, the better. The affinity dates back to prehistoric times in which extreme hairiness was the sign of ultimate masculinity. Fast forward a few years and you can imagine the lady boner I was rocking during Anthro

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Sign in. PG min Action, Adventure, Comedy. Hank Pym present an urgent new mission that finds the Ant-Man fighting alongside The Wasp to uncover secrets from their past.

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Having grown up in the s, I only knew a cinematic standard of male beauty defined by smooth, hairless abs and pecs think Brad Pitt in Fight Club. The curly layer of shag I sported felt like a gross aberration in contrast, like part of an unsightly body made to be hidden. If you think we didn't try to get several young modern-day stars to recreate this when I was at Cosmo, you'd be dead wrong. RIP Burt Reynolds!

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My problem is that most modern day athletic tee shirts and golf polos are made from microfiber material. They look great, but my chest hair makes little bumps in the shirt. It looks like bugs are crawling on me.

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I'm David Friedmana professional photographer who sometimes gets ideas for photos, designs, gadgets, and other projects. I write about it all on this blog. Likely Media When I'm not writing the blog, I make a living as a photographer and filmmaker.

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KYLE: Lindsey! I am NOT the type of girl who goes for the big, brawny types, I swear, but there was something about this particular Superman that left me practically breathless. Beefcake shots are nothing new for this genre, but when Thor doffs his shirt, his pecs are as round and smooth as two stones from the souvenir shop.

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Similarly, these items of private interest are also not privy to the benefit of being found in numerous blog post searches, nor other forms of the social networking media. I for one, have embraced my DNA heredity right of manhood and display my male characteristics to the fullness. How do I feel you may ask? Brilliant, and I encourage all men to follow my lead and embrace their god given right to show it!

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There are two things you can expect when you go to bed with a Hellenic dude. First, his mother is going to hate you. So when I straddled Mr.

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Given that I come from a clan of hirsute Russian Jews, it is a particularly personal disappointment that my chest is bare, save the circum-areolar growth and few stray hairs in the center that continue sparsely toward my happy trail. Head hair, I have in droves—a shock of tufted auburn fro that any barber will tell you is the thickest around. And beard growth is no problem—a rabbinical brillo coat can appear on my face in a couple weeks flat; a couple months will render me a castaway shaman. Yet somehow last year when I turned 26, my body grew tired of this deficiency and started—in a never-say-die attitude—to muster a few wispy patches on my sternum.


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