Birth control for breast feeding mothers

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Not necessarily. During breastfeeding, the chance of getting pregnant is lower. However, women can still get pregnant.

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You have a new baby or maybe a toddler and you're not ready for another one -- not just yet! So you're looking for a birth control method to become your BFF again. But when it comes to breastfeeding, what birth control is the safest?

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Jump to navigation. Birth control for women who are breastfeeding is important worldwide. Delaying the next pregnancy improves the health of women and children.

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Most women who breastfeed exclusively stop having menstrual periods. This is known as lactational amenorrhea. During lactational amenorrhea, the potential for ovulation is reduced. Subsequently, the chances of conception during this period decrease to approximately 0.

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Examples include:. Some hormonal methods of contraception may affect milk supply especially in the early months after birth. Combination contraceptives contain both progestin the synthetic version of progesterone and estrogen and come in a number of forms, including:.

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Can I use emergency contraceptive pills if I am breastfeeding? However, the label for ella ulipristal acetate states that nursing mothers should not use ella, because it is unknown whether there could be risk to the child. European recommendations for ellaOne the same product as ella says that breastfeeding women can use it but should pump and discard the milk for a week.

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You may have heard that breastfeeding alone is a good form of birth control. This is only partially true. Breastfeeding reduces your chances of becoming pregnant only if you are exclusively breastfeeding.

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There is currently no evidence of harm; however, few patients have been studied and existing studies have many limitations. Therefore, it is not possible to definitively answer this question at this time. The existing low-quality evidence suggests that combined oral contraceptives may reduce the volume of breast milk but not affect the growth of infants. Combined oral contraceptives are more effective, more familiar to most patients, and do not have to be taken on as strict a schedule as progestin-only pills; however, concern remains about their safety for infants of mothers who are taking combined oral contraceptives while breastfeeding.

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Although postpartum exhaustion levels are like nothing you've ever experienced, and you probably can't imagine ever having the energy to have sex againyou should still consider your birth control options. There are three categories of birth control methods from which a breastfeeding mother can choose: nonhormonal, progestin-only, and those containing estrogen. However, if it's possible, you should do your best to avoid using contraception that contains estrogen.

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All three of these methods are low-maintenance, effective, safe for new moms, and totally fine to use while breastfeeding. Although you may think of your nursing pillow as your new best friend, consider adding an IUD intrauterine device to the list. There are currently four IUDs available in the U.


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