Bimetalic strip toasters diagrams

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Gea 96'. The present invention relates to electric bread toasters and more particularly to a thermal timing mechanism for timing the duration of the toasting period whereby the operator may obtain toast cooked exactly as he or she desires. In the past it has been usual practice to time the toasting operation by a clockwork mechanism.

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A toaster can give many years of service but modern ones are not always as reliable as you might wish. Spare parts are available for some of the better quality brands, but on others it may still be possible to repair simple problems. All pop-up toasters have 2 or more slots into which the toast is lowered by pressing down a lever against a spring.

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Koci, Chicago, Ill. The present invention relates to apparatus for toasting bread and more particularly to an improved apparatus for terminating a bread slice toasting interval precisely when the desired degree of toasting is obtained. This application is a continuation-in-part of applicants co-pending application Serial No.

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The following two photos show how the plastic bar applies power to the toaster. In the first photo, the plastic bar is being simulated by a pencil, and you can see how it pushes the contacts apart:. In this toaster, the darkness control is simply a variable resistor. Changing the resistance changes the rate at which the capacitor charges, and this controls how long the timer waits before releasing the electromagnet.

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A bimetallic strip is used to convert a temperature change into mechanical displacement. The strip consists of two strips of different metals which expand at different rates as they are heated, usually steel and copperor in some cases steel and brass. The strips are joined together throughout their length by rivetingbrazing or welding.

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Last updated: September 16, Y um, what could be better than a nice crisp piece of buttered toast first thing in the morning? If you don't like standing by the stove watching and waiting for your bread to turn brown, an electric toaster could be just the thing for you.

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This invention relates to cooking devices of the type wherein the cooking operation is automati- ally controlled to produce uniform results, and has special reference to a bread toaster, though many of the features are not limited to such use. A primary object of the invention is the provision of a cooking device having improved means for controlling the cooking operation which shall be automatic in operation and produce a uniform cooking effect upon the article throughout a succession of cooking operations. Another object is the provision of an automatic cooking device wherein the control mechanism is substantially silent in operation, is self-compen'sating for certain variations in cooking conditions, and is of simple constructon such that it may be manufactured at a.

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This invention relates to toasters, and, more particularly, to a toaster having means for automatically discontinuing the toasting period after the bread slice has been toasted a predetermined degree. Various forms of automatic toasters have been heretofore proposed, and these prior devices have generally consisted of either a timing mechanism to be arbitrarily set by the user of the toaster to time the duration of the toasting period, or a heat-responsive member which measured the duration of the toasting period by the degree of heat within the toaster or the temperature of the surface of the bread slice being toasted. Many of the previously proposed toasters which employed a timing mechanism also 'employed a heat-responsive member for varying the actuation of the timing mechanism to compensate for the variations in temperature in the casing during successive toasting periods. Whether these prior toasters were time controlled or thermostatically controlled, the actual timing of the toasting period was never accurate and the bread slices being toasted consequently were toasted to varying degrees of color.

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This invention relates to an electrical toaster which includes timing means to provide an adjustable toasting period and which further includes a cut-out to prevent combustion, or ignition of a food product in the event of a malfunction. Most conventional toasters are of the type which comprise timing means initiated when a spring-loaded carrier is moved into a latched position adjacent one or more toasting elements. The timing means releases the latch after a predetermined toasting interval, which may be adjustable by means of a "shade" control, to allow the carrier to move into a position which is removed from the toasting element.

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Bulb thermometers are good for measuring temperature accurately, but they are harder to use when the goal is to control the temperature. The bimetallic strip thermometer, because it is made of metal, is good at controlling things. The principle behind a bimetallic strip thermometer relies on the fact that different metals expand at different rates as they warm up. By bonding two different metals together, you can make a simple electric controller that can withstand fairly high temperatures.


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