Asian flying carp

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Mid-Westerners are so desperate to halt a threatened Great Lakes invasion by the aggressive and ecologically destructive Asian Carp, a. Expensive and unproven solutions, they are; but, all we've got. See the video Silver or flying carp.

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Carp are a family of fish native to Europe and Asia. The common carp Cyprinus carpio has been in the US for over years. The newest carp invaders, bighead carpblack carpgrass carpand silver carp collectively known as "Asian carp"however, are causing their own brand of trouble in the Mississippi River and rivers and lakes within the Mississippi rivershed.

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Science Explorer. Frequently Asked Questions. Multimedia Gallery.

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Asian carp include four invasive species—silver, bighead, grass, and black carp—that were brought to the United States in the s to help maintain ponds used for aquaculture. Floods and transport by people spread the fish to our reservoirs, lakes, and river systems. The species very rapidly spread on its own and inadvertently by anglers mistaking them for bait fish.

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For more information on the Invasive Species Act and Regulations visit www. Asian carps were brought from Asia to North America in the s and 70s. Since then they have migrated north through U.

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In the small town of Bath, Illinois, a little more than miles southwest of Chicago, an annual competition to catch flying fish draws visitors from near and far. The invasive species is traveling up the Mississippi River watershed and its tributaries, like the Illinois River, threatening the freshwater ecosystem of Lake Michigan by outcompeting native fish for food. Silver carp's "startle response" is jumping out of the water due to the noise and pressure waves caused by boat motors.

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Scott Neuman. Asian carp, jolted by an electric current from a research boat, jump from the Illinois River near Havana, Ill. The U. The enemy?

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On the east bank of the river, the populated side, there is a field station run by the Illinois Natural History Survey. For decades now, INHS biologists in aluminum skiffs have scooted up and down the thinly wooded banks, monitoring local fish—these days, catching, recording and releasing approximatelyof them a year. The local species are small and nondescript for the most part; their behavior is unremarkable.

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Asian carps were brought from Asia to North America in the s and 70s. Since then they have migrated north through U. Photo: OMNR. Asian carps prefer cool to moderate water temperatures, like those found near the shores of the Great Lakes.