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The force of the blast launches large pieces of the ship flying, causing them to rain down on buildings all over the port. Well I guess you'll just have to stick around and see what happens in the next chapter! It may have gotten you also, that's why I grabbed you and dragged you away. I blink in surprise at Lucy's statements but I just took a bite of food, and it would be rude to spek with food in my mouth. After eating a light meal of foods I had in my backpack, I clean the dishes and lay out my bedroll ready to sleep. Suddenly realizing what was going on I quickly grabbed the blue haired girls hand and pull her out of the crowd.

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I'll just say that you don't need to worry about that.

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Kennedy. Age: 23.
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Glancing around I find myself in a large, lavish room with several thuggish looking men, as well as the man from town who called himself Wyvern, and also Ah, in case you didn't know a wizard's guild is an organization of mages that work together and are given jobs or bounties to complete in return for pay. Not to mention it was outlawed because it's dangerous.

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